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Guest 6th January 2007 05:35 PM

looking for advice buying a new board
Hi there

i have only sailed sporadically for the last 9 years, before that i used to sail at every opportunity i had. I am wanting to get back into it again and am looking at either upgrading my board or getting a board for my partner.

i have an old tiga 185 LWR from about 1994/5 (volume 116, 285 long, 57 wide) that I could upgrade, but i really don't know what would be a comparable board these days. i sail in flat water, have no problems waterstarting, planing, however have always had difficulty gybing my tiga, having more success on friends' boards.

My partner has been learning on and off on a really old bic reggae and is ready to progress into footstraps and a more enjoyable board. he is 6'6 about 90kg and a quick learner (he surfs, snowboards and used to skateboard)

could someone please advise what sort of boards would suit either of us or whether there is a board that we could both have fun on?



-Lampi- 6th January 2007 05:58 PM

RE: looking for advice buying a new board
What you should be looking for is a freeride board around 100-110 litres. Your partner a freeride board of 125-135 litres. If you both want to share one board then buy a board around 120-125 litres.

There are a lot of different freeride boards - every brand has one. I don't have any experience with them, but try searching the internet or reading some magazine tests or wait for other peoples replies...

All the best!

Guest 6th January 2007 06:10 PM

RE: thanks
hi lampi

thanks for the advice - i will do some research


crazychemical 14th January 2007 06:33 PM

RE: looking for advice buying a new board
I'm a freerider myself (progressing, still have trouble waterstarting, but hey) anyway... I surf with a starbord Go 139 from the 2006 range. it's a really fun freerider, with the right sailsize (for your partner, i weigh as much as he does, 7.5 m?? would be magnificent in about 4.5 BFt -5 BFT, i guarantee). you can hit speeds that will makes your toes curl of adrenaline. However i'm a bit dissapointed with it's low wind prestations. The go offers you multiple footstrappositions so you can vary it depending the rider.
Another good board in the Starboard range is the Carve series. Anything above the carve 122 is comparable to the Go and allows inward and outward footstrappositions. Both these boards have an enormous sailrange and can be used in mild choppy waters (i tried the Go in a wavy condition, BAAAAAAAAD idea!).
Mistral offers you the Explosion, which is a large freeride board, it's quite wide but small all the same which will make jibing a childs game. Also the larger Sreamer (so thats the 115) would give you that extra trill, but considering the conditions you both surf in (which are comparable to mine) i suggest a bit o a bigger board so u can still haul the sail out of the water if there isn't too much wind (so 120-140 L)
F2 offers the Stoke which is a strait edge freerider. you can check it's review on the F2 website etc. F2 is one of the oldest brands and over the years did deserve a lot of credit. The Stoke has a big range of liters so there's plenty of choice there.
But all in all, i can agree with what Lampi has said. I just gave you a couple of names (looking for a new board myself, though i know i'm sticking with Starboard, you just fall in love with the qualities of those boards - speedmachines of the greatest kind)
i just want to give you one more tip and that is to get a wide range of sails with your board. Mine reaches from 5.5 to 7.6 and i manage to sail on flatwater between 4 BFT to 6.5 BFT without any problems and with genious speeds (thoguh in 6.5 BFt i look really silly with my 139 L board between all the 98 L guys with the same sailsize as mine, but still, it's the spirit of the sport that counts, not the material)
Hope you find what you're looking for.
greetz - Haiko, aka crazychemical

hugh_denholm 15th January 2007 05:31 PM

RE: looking for advice buying a new board
I have 2 Carves and my wife has an Mistral Explosion. The Explosion feels slow (is slow) and unexciting to ride; I would not recommend it. The Carve is wonderful.

Guest 15th January 2007 07:12 PM

RE: thanks crazychemical and hugh
hi crazychemical and hugh

thanks for all your advice - we have been thinking about the Go 139, but did not want to buy untested. We had a sail on a go 129 on the weekend. my partner had no trouble sailing it despite a lack of decent wind. while he was able to uphaul it when he had to, he felt a little more volume would assist - so i am thinking that the Go 139 may be the better option.

The 129 did feel a little slow to me (in sub-planning conditions) even with a 6.5m - so your feedback in relation to the 139 has made me feel more positive about its potential speed when in planning conditions.

I think now we need to make up our minds between Go and Carve. is the carve 133 or 144 likely to be a better option?

thanks mich

hugh_denholm 16th January 2007 09:38 AM

RE: looking for advice buying a new board
I am 78kg and the 133 is OK to uphaul and will take a 9.0 sail. As your partner is 90kg and you are looking for a little more volume, then the 144 might be more suitable for you. It will plane quicker but is still fast and fun.
The Go is a good board; but people who have bought them at our club soon grow out of them and want something with a little more "zing!"

Guest 17th January 2007 12:17 AM

RE: looking for advice buying a new board

I too had a Tiga 285 LWR. The board was designed for expert sailors that could manage a stiff, light board with hard rails.

Plenty of good advice above. You will find that whatever you buy, it will be significantly easier to sail and jibe than the Tiga.


-Lampi- 17th January 2007 01:50 AM

RE: looking for advice buying a new board
I'd definately go with the carve , because the GO is mainly for beginners, not really what i would describe you as. If you take the 144 your partner won't be having trouble with it, if you take the 133 it will probably be more exiting for you to ride...

It's your choice, though.....

crazychemical 17th January 2007 10:58 PM

RE: looking for advice buying a new board
I'm a Go surfer but i agree with Hugh, u soon wants something with just that exwtra edge. The go, on flatwater is more like a racing board than a real freerider. Carves offer u that free feel you're looking for and the 133 gives you the possebilety to put your straps inward aswell as outward so for any conditions ur sailable (the Go doesn't have this, a shame though, it only gives u beginner, medial and external setting). The 133 would be the better option if i were you. I always say, take the board with the least amount of liters possible for your level so u can experiment on rougher conditions with it aswell. The Go 139 and Carve 133 resemble eachother in most aspects (go to the 2006 starboard website, they make a professional comparison on it between the carve and the Go).
Have fun and good luck!!
(oh, on my avatar i'm surfin the Go 139 ;))

Haiko aka Crazychemical

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