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extrmsct 9th June 2010 10:15 PM

Board Advice

So im looking to get a smaller board but im stuck on deciding what to get, I have got an offer of a 2008 flare 111.

So im 90 kilos, 6ft2 and currently sailing a 2005 jp x-cite ride 135. I have a 5.2 lip wave and a 6.2 rushwind. I found that the 135 coudlnt handle chop and strong winds too well so i was looking to get something smaller. I usually go out in strong winds. Im starting to get the waterstart and carve jibe down and im very comfortable planing in footstraps and would start to bump and jump but i think the boards a bit big.
In the future i would like to advance to freestyle so i thought it would make sense to get a freestyle board now.
I was wondering if the flare is strictly freestyle or is it a board that would be good to advance on?Whats it like for bump and jump etc?



Kevin Pritchard 23rd June 2010 06:11 AM

I have not ridden the flare but Taty Frans rides it and makes it work in all conditions. he tells me that it is good for bump and bump. Sorry I cant be more of a help.

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