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Unregistered 11th June 2010 05:35 PM

2011 wave boards
OK guys i know that you dont "officially" release info on next years gear for a while yet but i have 4 starboards in the back of my van and 1 other brand wave board as i have been unhappy with the last2 years starboard multi fin boards and not convinced the kode 74 will hold its long term value.

In 2009 i had a RRd twinzer and now i have the JP twinzer.
If the Jp quad / twinzer convertible had been available when i bought mylast board i would have for sure gone for it.

So - to someone in the know - should i order my 2011 jp quad/twinzer convertible or is there a viable starboard board that is gonna deliver great performance backed up by long term support to help maintain it's secondhand value (like with the isonics but NOT with the evil twins - thank christ i didntbuy one of those i'd have lost so much money).


Ola_H 13th June 2010 07:14 PM

There will surely be some interesting options for you, but it is to early to give out any info. Release will be later in the summer.

I don't think you ever can say anything about the future though. Who knows, there might be some new innovation none of us can not even imagine yet. I think the only reasonable way to think about all this is to buy the board you think will do the best job at the time. I do like to see my boards as investments, but rather in fun and time on the water than in economical return when I sell them. But for the record, personally I sold used Evil Twins for the same kind of money then I have sold other used boards for (if anything a bit more). And the people who bought them were super happy about them and one even took great care to find a complementary size. I still hold the ET 70 as one of the most all round wave board I've tried. And experience from the ET shapes went directly into the (bigger) Quads so in that sense they were far from dead ends.

But again, for 2011 info you have to wait a stiff month or so. But regardless of how many fins you like (<5) I think you'll find interesting stuff.

Leaker 15th June 2010 09:35 PM

Hi eddie

Good news

I saw the SB wave guys at the 2011 photoshoot and i think you should not buy another brand until you have seen the 2001 SB wave boards.

I can say for sure they will have a quad that converts to a twin but there is another board that looks amazing for anyone who sails in variable conditions and isnt a world cup pro.

I will for sure be ordering one of these but which one.........

With much aloha

chris muzza murray k202 22nd June 2010 04:42 PM

i have been loving the 2010 quad using 71 and 81 with 11cm fins in 71 and 13cm in the 81 loving it sure the 2011 quad can only get better.

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