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rod_r 30th June 2010 08:41 AM

Rio XL
Hi Roger

I see SB have snuck a new board into the Rio range, the XL. Do you know anything about it?



Roger 30th June 2010 10:05 AM

Hi rod_r
I do not know a thing about the Rio XL.
Looks very "retro" (old style) to me.
I shall ask Tiesda and Starboard HQ about it and report back here.
Thanks for the heads up!

Teddy 10th December 2010 04:11 AM

rio xl update?
Roger, any word on the RIO XL? I'm looking forward to getting some new info on this board. Why such a secret, or is it just a case of bad marketing?

Roger 10th December 2010 06:03 AM

Hi Teddy,
I do not have a Rio XL to try, and I'm not going to the photo shoots and board tests lately, so I
really cannot give you any sort of opinion on this board.
I will ask Tiesda You (Starboard designer) about this board and see if he can send more information
which I can pass along to you.
I'd rather not comment on something I'venot sailed and not even seen.

Teddy 15th December 2010 10:48 PM

Hi Roger,

Just wondering if you've had a chance to dig up anything on the RIO XL.

Roger 16th December 2010 05:44 AM

Hi Teddy,
I emailed Starboard HQ and they said they are "working on it" but I just looked at the
Rio page under products, and it has not been updated yet.
I started the ball rolling, we will see what they come up with.
Sorry I do not have better news!

Roger 21st December 2010 06:22 PM

There will be an update to the Rio XL info on the website sometime today.
If not, I have some new info I will try to put up tonite!
Thanks for your patience!

Teddy 12th April 2011 10:03 AM

rio xl as sup???

Any idea on how the XL might work as a basic SUP?

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