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ilan_s 30th June 2010 04:37 PM

Help with links to the Boardsurveyor
It should have been a minor "department" in the Boardsurveyor: After choosing the right board, you could click right on to the nearest shop. See here.
But last summer we drove through most of northern Europe, assuming that Google will be sufficient to windsurf wherever we were going. It wasn’t so simple though: if I was lucky enough to find the local sites, they were naturally in the local language.

Boardsurveyor contains already both space for links, and searching & sorting capabilities. Boardsurveyor may well be precisely the information-center I missed last year. All that's missing is, well, links. See for instance here. It will also be possible to choose a range of links and get it as a POI for a GPS receiver.


It's as easy to post links as to review boards. The difference is that you have to get a keyword of me to avoid spam. Please send me e-mail to post a t boardsurveyor dot com if you can halp with links (or use the contact form).

ilan_s 1st July 2010 06:52 PM

My message above might be somewhat misleading. I know not everyone is running a windsurfing business, but most windsurfers do sail one place or another, and advertize used equipment at local websites.
The links-page has four categories (links to examples, not the main page):
Retailers, incl. webshops
Testcenters, clubs etc.
2nd hand

You donít have to own whatever you want to add to the links. Are you happy with your local shop and want other to know about it? Is your favorite spot worth mentioning? Are you running a club or teaching beginners?
The Boardsurveyor is not a business with employees who are flying around testing equipment and locations. This is not a business at all. The boardsurveyor is a service who depends solely on windsurfers who are willing to share their experience.


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