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pratibha2020 8th July 2010 02:14 PM

Multimedia Institute – Very Far yet Very Near
Meaningful Education doesn’t come handy particularly in an atmosphere of all round competitive world/atmosphere. The Multimedia Institutes boasting of providing quality education for various Multimedia Programs have hardly anything to offer in return for the exorbitant fees charged for various programs related to the multimedia & other computer oriented process. Actually the fees being charged is very much disproportion etc in the relating course offered in the field of computer education.
The students while leaving the big bang Institutes are generally under inform and sometimes have to reserve another institute for further coaching for a complete education. Expensive advertisement and publicity can’t provide the desired level of education to any student unless the same are duly backed by application and devotion of the faculty of a particular institute. Infact we are not drawing any comparison between ADMEC vis-à-vis the other Institutes but at the same time a general awareness is definitely required to be created amongst the aspiring candidates, so as to enable them choose between what is right and the perfect.
At ADMEC, we have the staff and faculty who believe and practice application, devotion, meaningfulness education and competition. That is why the students from far off states such like Uttrakhand, Haryana, Chennai etc are prefer to join ADMEC for the Multimedia and other related programs. At ADMEC, even if our fee structure being low, our education standards are very high and can compete any other high profile education Institute in the field of Multimedia.

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