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Unregistered 22nd July 2010 10:20 PM

2006 neil pryde rs6 9m
hi everyone, first post here.
was wondering if anyone knows if an 06 neil pryde rs6 would rig well on a 520 mast(imcs 33) 100% carbon as opposed to the recommended 490 mast. The luff on the sail is 527.
Anyone tried or will this just not work?

BelSkorpio 23rd July 2010 02:55 AM

RS6:520<->490 mast
In general, shorter masts with longer extensions will result in lower stiffness and higher flex, hence more control but less low end power.

So the 520 mast will offer more low end power but will become a litlle bit less controllable in heavy overpowered gusts compared to the 490.

The 520 mast will work the best in the lower wind range.
The 490 mast will work the best in the higher wind range.

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