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Guest 9th January 2007 04:12 AM

Need advice - windsurfing margarita
Hi there

I need advice on hotels in el yaque. I am going there with my wife and 2 and half year old kid. What hotel will suit us best ( I will be windsurfing ;-). Anybody was there with family, is it anything to do there apart windsurfing ?
I will appreciate any help on this one.



James 10th January 2007 04:50 AM

RE: Need advice - windsurfing margarita
I was there over Christmas, but I stayed in another town on the island (Pampatar) and just drove to El Yaque during the days for windsurfing. I have some pictures from Isla Margarita and Venezuela here:

At El Yaque there are hotels on the beachfront including the El Yaque Beach hotel associated with the Vela windsurfing resort, and Hotel El Yaque Paradise associated with the Club Mistral windsurfing resort. I rented from Club Mistral and the Hotel Paradise seemed nice. I don't recall the names of the other hotels, but El Yaque is a very small town so wherever you stay you will just be a block or so from the beach.

You will find plenty of excitement on and off the water at El Yaque, but it is actually not the main part of Isla Margarita. There is a big city area on the Eastern part of the island, some interesting natural and historic areas on the inland part of the island, and an assortment of non-windsurfing beaches all around the coast.

Isla Margarita is relatively safe compared to mainland Venezuela, but it is still possible to get robbed, kidnapped, lost, killed in a car accident, or sickened by the food and water. With Hugo Chavez running the country it is going from bad to worse quickly. So be careful.

Guest 11th January 2007 01:38 AM

RE: Need advice - windsurfing margarita

I am a local Venezuelan who have sailed regulalrly in El Yaque for quite a few years. Have tried sevaral hotel but my absolute favorite to go with kids (5yr old twins - 2yr old) in Sharks. Nice clean accomodations and great staff, particularly with kids. I think their current number is (58-212) 263 9961. You may want to talk there to Martin or Odabry. Good luck and have fun!


Guest 11th January 2007 09:02 AM

are political commentaries really necessary ??I know parts of the USA where i can get robbed and kidnapped or shot very quickly, ghetto areas.
So look in you own backyard yankee, you sound like another paraniod ethnocentric american
hugo doenst like bush, so now hugos and his country are all now bad ...
its all rather sad really, but hey dont hate hugo too much, he hasnt stopped selling oil to the USA yet !! and yes the US gets alot of oil from him!!

James 11th January 2007 11:34 AM

RE: Need advice - windsurfing margarita
Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to sound so negative about Venezuela. It really is a great place. :) And yes, the USA can be dangerous, too. :(

I'm not against Chavez because he doesn't like Bush. I don't like Bush either! :p I just worry that the anti-Bush propaganda and scapegoating that Chavez puts out might create some anti-american attitudes that could make Venezuela a less safe place to be as a tourist. Though most people I met in Venezuela were friendly, there were some signs that not everybody loved us, i.e.

Before I went to Venezuela, I actually thought Chavez might be a cool guy because he is the first leader of Venezuela who has ever tried to appeal to the poor people and make things better for them. But everyone I spoke with in the country said that despite Chavez' big talk about socialism, he wasn't helping the poor so much as he was just helping himself to ever more power. And in the meantime crime and corruption were getting a lot worse. Everyone I met had stories about being robbed, sometimes that very same day, and many of them had also been kidnapped or carjacked. Just last week some of my parents' friends were hiking in the jungle near Caracas when they were robbed at gunpoint and tied to trees in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately one guy (a surfer) was able to wiggle out of the ropes and untie the others so they didn't die of starvation or get eaten by ants.

So while no place is perfectly safe, I think it's fair to say that one ought to exercise a little extra caution these days in Venezuela.

Guest 11th January 2007 10:07 PM

RE: Need advice - windsurfing margarita
james sorry i blasted you my bad, and kudos to you for setting the right tone , there just so much negetive these days , and here i am being kinda negetive as well.
i have not been to venezula so i guess ill take you points as you have been there.
i ahve been to the dom rep and i guess other than not having any oil its just as bad government wise ... a kind of general anarchy exists in places there socially lets just hope the "haiti aspect doesnt spill over.
i guess the anti bush guys like chavez do get kudos just because they are anti bush...
and that in itself isnt a reason to like chavez.


Guest 12th January 2007 10:43 PM

RE: Need advice - windsurfing margarita

Thanks for info guys.
I was looking more into: if there is sth to do in el yaque apart windsurfing ? Meaning especially for my non-windsurfing wife and 2,5 year kid. If anybody's been there with families ?



Guest 19th January 2007 12:39 AM

RE: El yaque for family
I have been there 12 times. Haven't seen many children (between 2 and 10 years).

In El Yaque there is not much to do for non-windsurfing family, except perhaps play in the sand / pool. There are no playgrounds, entertainment teams or something like that. El Yaque is very small. The sun is burning strong, so protect your children. Hotels are simple and small. Most hotels have (small) pools; there is no supervision.

Perhaps a better place to go to with your windsurfing buddies.


Guest 19th January 2007 01:00 AM

RE: Need advice - windsurfing margarita
They have a marine museum / aquarium on the island that could be fun for kids, but it's not in El Yaque. Your wife and kids could take a taxi there or something while you windsurf.

When I was in El Yaque, there were lots of kids of all ages and nationalities playing on the beach and swimming in the shallow water near shore. So if your kids like to play on beach they should be pretty happy.

Guest 20th January 2007 04:36 AM

RE: RE: Need advice - windsurfing margarita

My advice - go to a good hotel in Egypt, where you will find more alternatives for your wife and kid to spend free time. Go to Dahab etc.. You will spend a similar amount of time on the water despite worse wind statistics, as in Margarita your wife will be bored to death and will not let you windsurf.

In Margarita, you will therefore be visiting every second day the mentioned Aquarium with your wife and kid instead of windsurfing.


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