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howieP 10th August 2010 10:37 PM

Found that WINDGURU is recently revamped by breaking down wind speed into more detail. Namely "Wind speed" and "Wind gust".

I am still trying to get use to the new metrics.

After the change, it appears to me that the reported wind speed (the upper row) appears to be weaker than it used to be in the past when things was reported as a single row. The physical wind force feels like somewhere in the middle of the forecasted figures. I was just wondering whether some of the strength is shared amongst the 2 rows with some of the values passed over to wind gust causing "wind speed" appear to be weakened.

Not sure the rationale behind for WINDGURU to make such a change. How should be the way to comprehend the new mode of forecast. Should an average be taken between the 2 rows to estimate the actual force. Anyone has experience to share?

BelSkorpio 11th August 2010 03:41 AM

For my spot, it seems to have remained the same, i.e. no significant difference between the old single row and the new first row.
The extra 2nd row with the gusts, is a nice add-on.

Darko_Z 13th August 2010 06:56 PM

Windguru was always with wind speed and wind gusts, I believe you are talking about Windfinder. Forecast on both of them is more or less accurate only a day or two in advance, more than that is in best case only general tendency.

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