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Guest 11th January 2007 02:05 AM

North Carolina Windfest

Does anyone know the exact dates of the Frisco Woods Windfest for this year? I'm getting excited for it and I want to make camping reservations.

Will Roger Jackson be there as usual with starboard demos? What new 2007 boards will he have this year? Serenity?


Roger 11th January 2007 08:31 AM

RE: North Carolina Windfest
Hi Guest,
As far as I know, after checking with Buster (the owner of Frisco Woods Campground) the dates for the 2007 Windfest at Frisco Woods will be the 3rd weekend in April (Thursday April 19th- Saturday April 21st).
Most of the rental houses on Hatteras Island are Saturday to Saturday so that's why the Thursday-Saturday event dates.
I plan to be there.
I'll have the following boards in the demo fleet:
GO 155
Rio M
Carve 101/111/144
Isonic 101/122/145
Kombat 97/Kombat-Aero 127
S-Type 115
Phantom 222
Gemini (Tandem)
Evo 90
Pure Acid 80
The boards will have True Ames, Tangent Dynamics Reapers, and Wolfgang Lessacher Duo Weed fins to help with the shallow conditions at Frisco Woods.
There will be a full complement of Sailworks Retros, Huckers, and NX SLM race sails for you to try as well.
Hope this helps,

Guest 26th January 2007 01:10 AM

RE: Re: Hatteras Windfest 07
I've never been to Hatteras but I plan on making the trip down from PA for windfest. I have a couple of questions:

Roger you said its shallow, so is it even worth bringing my formula 155 and 10.6 V8? The only fin I have for this combo is the stock 58 cm.

Also is there a large migration to the event from the MD, PA area? Always nice when there is the possibility of sharing rides / camp site.


James 27th January 2007 12:15 AM

RE: North Carolina Windfest
You should hook up with the Baltimore Area Boardsailing Association (BABA) and get on their email list. Lots of those people go down for windfest. Or post on other internet windsurfing forums like Google's rec.windsurfing or iwindsurf

I have sailed formula gear in Hatteras with a 56 cm weedfin, but it&#39;s kind of a pain in the butt to walk out that far. If you have a longboard or moderately large shortboard with a fin <50 cm, that would probably be better. There&#39;s lots of boards to demo so you don&#39;t necessarily need to bring everything you own.

o2bnme 27th January 2007 02:33 AM

RE: North Carolina Windfest
If you want to use your 155, I suggest getting a weed fin from a local shop. I put a 39cm Tangent Dynamic weed fin on my F-Type 148 and use it with a 9.8 V8. It makes a great combination for me (I&#39;m pretty light, so I can get away with a smaller fin than most).

As James mentioned, the walking out for the 50+cm fins is a pain. Having a smaller fin makes a big difference. A weed fin might cost $100, but I don&#39;t mind if one of my many fins is treated to a sanding when I hit a sandbar. The longer fins are spared.

Roger 27th January 2007 09:10 PM

RE: North Carolina Windfest
Hello Guest,
James and o2benme have it right.
Pick up a smaller weed fin (Tangent Dynamics Reaper 42 would be my choice for you 85 cm wide F-155) and you can sail in the shallower watger at Hatteras just fine.
Also, if you practice turning your board around backwards and sailing out through the shallow water with the fin held up above the bottom, you can enjoy Hatteras on the F-155.
Takes some practice, but it&#39;s a great skill to learn as if you ever lose a fin, you can sail back in on the nose of the board in most circumstances.
Just take some time when you first arrive in Hatteras to determine where the really shallow areas are, and avoid them.
Taking off at full speed, in unfamiliar waters, can get you a monumental catapault very quickly.
Hope to see you at the Frisco Woods Windfest!

Guest 29th January 2007 07:22 PM

RE: North Carolina Windfest
Thanks for all your information. I&#39;ll deffinately bring the 10.6 and board if I have room. However, I am deffinately looking forward to trying the 10.6 with one of the I larger Isonics.


o2bnme 30th January 2007 01:20 AM

RE: North Carolina Windfest
Yeah. It will be fun to compare the iS145 to the F-Type 148. Roger, just put me down for trying one of everything. ;)

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