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Ellen Faller 11th January 2007 03:36 AM

any ladies sailing in warm places now?
Anyone with reports of warm sailing please post something for those of us in colder areas to read!

Russell 14th January 2007 01:47 PM

RE: any ladies sailing in warm places now?
Hi Ellen.

Have not heard from you for a long time.

How about you starting it off with telling us something you are working on at the moment or would like to learn for 2007.


Ellen Faller 18th January 2007 08:46 AM

RE: any ladies sailing in warm places now?
Hi All,
I've had a very busy year since mid 2006, including the death of my mother and the resolution of her estate. So, lots of other things on my plate, combined with not a lot of wind, hand surgery, and now- winter in the NE of the USA. I don't have a lot to say, and that's why I'd like to hear from those who have been sailing.
I'm off for a 2 week vacation in Bonaire in about 10 days, and will then be able to answer myself.
For 2007, I'd like to be able to sail a bit more (even a few hours more per week?), and get my hands and body back in shape.
I had developed a problem with "trigger finger" on both hands, the middle finger, and have now had surgery to fix the problem. If anyone else has experienced this issue, let me know and we can can talk about it.
Age isn't a great addition to the windsurfing lifestyle, but it really is a sport for all ages. There are answers to many problems, and this is great forum for sharing our experiences. I've taught and worked with many women, ages 5 to 82, and all of them have had things to share with other women. No offense to the men, but some things are just "girl stuff".
Best to you all

ameise 21st March 2007 11:24 PM

RE: any ladies sailing in warm places now?
hi all
I am new here and i am glad to know that so many women do windsurf. Here i do only find another girl, all the other are men, not bad, but i miss some women's touch in the beach ;)
i do windsurf in south spain. Just beginning with harness and straps. HOpe some of you will come to La Manga to the severne-starboard-airrush event this weekend.

Ellen Faller 23rd March 2007 03:33 AM

RE: any ladies sailing in warm places now?
hi ameise,
Welcome to the forum! It is always good to hear from other women. Please tell us about your progress, and also tell us about the event.
good sailing,

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