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shinobi 1st September 2010 08:21 PM

iSonic 2011 board set for a light weight
Hey all, after various discussions about the iSonic 2011 for more average weight people, I wonder about the iSonicís for a person of my weight ~63Kg.
Currently Iím using the 2010 iSonic 121 and 101 plus a 2009 86 in the Japanese race circuit and I'm very happy with the general performance.

As the new boards are supposed to arrive within this month, I thought about asking for your recommendation.
For example, do I need the 117 wide or is the 117 enough? ==> The 121 with a 44R16 gets pretty powered with a 8.5 race sails. Hence Iím not sure for what board I should go.:confused:

Please advise.


Remi 2nd September 2010 02:40 PM

Hi Shinobi,

Please let me know the size sails you will have for this season to give you the best combination.

All the best

shinobi 2nd September 2010 05:34 PM

Dear Remi,
currently I'm using the 2010 GTX Race in 8.5, 7.5, 7.0, 6.5 and 6.0. Below this I'm using wave sails.
For the new season, I will go for some proper race sails in similar sizes, most likely the Vapors because I have a full set of Gaastra masts.

Thanks in advance.


Remi 2nd September 2010 11:21 PM

Hi Shinobi,

In your case I will recommend you this boards :

iSonic 80 : 6.0/6.5 : This will give you more comfort and control for your weight
iSonic 97 : 6.5/7.0/7.5 : This one will be definitelly your medium board
iSonic 117 Wide : 8.5 : Ultimate board for light winds for light racers, I consider the 117 as a medium board for very heavy racers.

All the best

shinobi 3rd September 2010 07:14 PM

Thanks Remi!!!
I will order the 117 wide and 97 directly as only limited quantities are coming and you are recommending this board to almost everybody. Must a dream slalom machine.
I will post my findings after some rounds.

Good wind.


cholo 10th September 2010 04:23 AM

Hi Remi,

you write: "iSonic 117 Wide ... Ultimate board for light winds for light racers"

How come that women PWA top racers are all on boards not wider than 68 cm?
They should be around 60-65 kg, so what is the reason, problems jibing a big board, not enough power/weight ratio compared to men, what else?


shinobi 11th September 2010 09:17 PM

Misson accomplished! I got my 117 wide today.
The board looks awsome and is damn light! The cutouts seem to be more far into the board, compared to the 121 of 2010, at least compared to the fin box.
Anyway, tomorrows prediction is looking good and I'm looking forward for a first session. So far I've mounted the rear straps in the very rear position and the front straps in the middle. That should also suit the rather small footpads.

Anyways, one little hint to the starboard team: You shouldn't write 75cm on the board. I checked it and the width is 80cm, maybe a writting mistake ;-)

Enjoy slalom!

Remi 12th September 2010 06:18 AM

Hi Shinobi,

Congratulation for your board and wait for your feed back.

Yes it's a Mistake and correct in production already, so you have a collector :)

All the best

Remi 12th September 2010 06:30 AM

Hi Cholo,

Most of the women in PWA are under 60 kgs but also a very important factor is that a man have much more power at the same weight as a women.

Any way these can help for different body weight for the PWA format :

Extreme light : 80, 97 & 107
Light : 80, 97 & 117 Wide
Medium : 80, 107 & 117 Wide
Heavy : 87, 107 & 127
Very heavy : 94, 117 & 137

Of course this is not lock and every bodies can adapt on their home condition & their style

All the best

shinobi 12th September 2010 09:00 PM

Hey Remi,

you said the 117 wide is a board for light winds, but it does more then only light wind!
Today we had rather strong thermal wind and lazy as I am, the 97 is still not setp with straps... So I took the 117 wide with a 7.5 and the R16 in 44cm. WHAT A COMBO!
Very secure feeling and no a bit of control problems. To be honest, I was pretty sceptical about the middle wind performance considering the 80cm. However, the tail is fairly slim and goes max speed even in choppy waters.
A friend was on the 121 also with 7.5 and we were at pair for the downwind speed but I could run better high with more speed. Later I changed to a 42cm Hurricane SS fin and the downwind speed was much better and the board felt pretty damn compact.
So what is the downturn of the 117 wide? Well for me: I do need a bigger car as the I can't put 2 board next to the 117 wide. :mad: But that is all.
Next time I hope to get some time with the 8.5 sail to check out the light wind performance.

So far I'm just happy with the 117 wide. Nice work Starboard team!:cool:


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