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Unregistered 2nd September 2010 08:42 PM

Kode 113 vs Atom 98
Does anyone has experience with Kode 113 (2011 or 2010)? I want board in that size, but I am afraid, if Kode 113 would be fast enough. Sometimes I want to ride waves, sometimes will sail on flat water, therefor donīt want Futura. Isnīt 113 to lazy board?

What about Atom 98? Very similar lenght x width, only thinner. Heard that thi board goes fast.

Could you please comment these boards?

Thank you

Prodan 10th September 2010 11:01 PM

I don't have a kode or atom, but i'll answer anyway, at least from what i've read bout them ^^ first, it depends on your weight, how much wind you have there and what size sail u use... second, i know the kode has a good accelleration and is really fast. the atom isn't made for speed but freedom, and though it won'tbe slow, it'll probabally be slower than the kode, and i don't think it'll be good for waves. if you think the 113 will be slow, get a 94 or 103, tho that depends on the wind and ur weight... but i think the kode will be better for what u want :)

rob from nj 23rd October 2010 08:52 AM

I just bought the kode 112 2010 version. Love the board. I debated the kode vs futura and went with the kode because it's better in chop and probably jibes tighter than the futura. I been riding it for 2 days in cape hatteras, North Carolina. Works really well with big sails. Today I used a 8.5 all day with no problem and hit major speeds. Planning jibes are really easy to do. I have tried the futura boards and they take more to jibe. I have not tried the kode in waves. I strongly recommend the board for flat to choppy water conditions. Especially since it can carry big sails. Easy to jibe. Floats really well in lulls, I weigh 170lbs. email with any other questions.

reef retreat 27th October 2010 01:43 PM

can you put footstraps on the atom?

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