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Marko 7th September 2010 05:09 PM

Question for Remi: isonic 117 or 117wide?
Hi Remi,

in other thread, you wrote...

"iSonic 117 Wide : 8.5 : Ultimate board for light winds for light racers, I consider the 117 as a medium board for very heavy racers."

What does it mean? How does lightwind board for light racers differ from medium board for very heavy racers?
Which one is better and easier to control in chop?
Which one gybes easier?

My weight is 80-85kg, and I need a big board for 7.6 and 8.4 sails. It should be better for 7.6, but 8.4 should also work good on this board.
Windlimit in races where I participate is 11 knots.

Which one should I choose?


Maximus 7th September 2010 07:42 PM

Hey Marko

At your weight the 7.6/107 would work best. You could also use the 8.4. If you went for the 117,it would be the other way around.

Marko 7th September 2010 07:54 PM

Hi Maximus!

I forgot to mention that we mostly race in very gusty winds where big sail is required to go thru lulls. I find it much easier to hold the big sail in strong gusts with wider board than with narrower, and bigger board is also faster thru lulls. So 107 is not really an option for real world racing with 8.4 in light winds :(

Lets say that I need a board for 8.4 for 10-20kts and for 7.6 for 13-25(28)kts.
Which one is easier to gybe and control in chop? 117 or 117wide? Is there much difference in marginal 8.4 conditions? Or 117wide is better only with 9+ sails?


Remi 7th September 2010 09:44 PM

Hi Marko,

We introduce the iSonic 117 Wide because their was a missing board for weigth around 80 kgs and under as light wind board. This board is basically a small version of the iSonic 131 and thinner with all the 2011 improvement

In your case I will recommand you the 117 Wide who is specially design for your request. The 117 have V for more high winds orientation while the 117 Wide have mono concave at 30 and 60 like the 127 to improve the performances in light winds but still perfect to be use with 7.6.

By the way jibbing is better on the 117 wide with his more round outline.

You can see here some photos of the iSonic 117 Wide in action with 7.8 or 8.6 :

All the best

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