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cybersurf 19th September 2010 11:42 PM

Isonic 107 + 127
Hi Kevin

I need a suggestion for a lightwind to medium slalom setup. 4 sails 2 boards. Ive bought the Vapors in 6,7,7,6,8,4 and 9,3 so Im thinking of 2 Isonics to fit these sails.
Is the Isonic 107 + 127 a good combination or shoud I go for the 97 matching the 6.7. better? And what about the 137 for light wind? (95kg)
Best Regards

Kevin Pritchard 20th September 2010 01:57 PM

I would go with the 127 for your light wind board and that is a tough call for the 107. I was riding the 107 quite a lot in Maui last week and it was very nice. I wouldn't say that in powered up condition that the 97 on the 6.7 wouldn't be better but I just cant say cause I havent really tested the two side by side yet. For my sailing and the type of conditions we have in PWA I need the 107.

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