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Guest 12th January 2007 03:57 PM

Smallest sail on a carve 162
What is the smallest sail that i can use on a carve 162/site says 6.1,but is this sailsize pretty to sail, my weight is 100kg
The sails that i sail on it v-8 9.8 lightning 8.5 , and i also have a thunderbird 7.0 and a storm 5.75
I will not use a smaller board..
Is the 7.0 still nice to sailor do i need at the carve at least 7.5

What do you think


Guest 13th January 2007 10:10 AM

RE: Smallest sail on a carve 162
I think that you will be fine with the 7.0.

If you use the 5.7 you might want to try a smaller fin and moving the footstraps more towards the center. That could make it more comfortable.

Since you are pretty heavy, you should be able to use the 162 in stronger winds and with smaller sails than would be comfortable for a light guy. It's worth a try anyway.

crazychemical 14th January 2007 11:38 PM

RE: Smallest sail on a carve 162
The carve 162 is a racer man, you may want to stich with the bigger sails, especially considering your weight. But your miniul wind will limit itself to a maximum of 6 bft with a board like that. But if you hit those conditions with a 162 on flat water i recommend not going under the 6.1 minimum they give on the website. 5.7 really is small for a board like that, even if you put the smalles recommended fin on the board. U can go like 2 cm under the recommended but anything over that will get your board out of balance.
however i agree with the precvious, the 7.0 will do fine if you're hitting 5.5 BFt (considering your weight).
Experience is what thought me, and i mean, the best teacher is always you!

Haiko, aka Crazychemical

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