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Unregistered 25th September 2010 01:24 PM

Windsurfing fins
Hi Windsurfers

Have you found it difficult to get a good choice of fins for your board. I know i have over the years struggled to get what i was looking for from my store so i did something about it. was formed with this problem in mind. We have brought together over 10 different fin producers in order to give help and advice in choosing the right fin. We are always on hand to discuss your requirements and we have access to both standard and custom fins for the more discerning pro. Have and look and give me your thoughts i am always interested in constructive criticism.

Lessacher 26th September 2010 01:36 AM

Have a look at speedfins. They change from 25-34cm to 18-25cm, from Rake 15░ to Rake 30░ or 35░
Symmetric or asymm.? I work doubleasymm .fins for both tacks. With cut out at the base. The concaves are diagonal. Why diagonal,why cut out?.Not to answer in short words. But it works.D÷blin
made in the north of Germany a topspeed of 50 Knots GPS. So the most can have fun here, must
not dream from Fuerte, La Franqui, Chanal and so on. Flat water,sometime to flat. there need you fins
with 20cm , sail to 6,5m▓. Alone the jump from 22cm to 20 cm reduce the area 5-6cm▓. So you give
th area at the end of the base,near the base, looks not so good,but it works. The catapults are with rake
30░ slowlier, if you kiss a sandbank. Wolfgang

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