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Prodan 28th September 2010 08:15 PM

choosing my board/rig and other questions...
so much for gettin a futura... My windsurfing teacher (the guy who taught me and from whom i rented boards) has got a new bunch of boards/sails and is gonna sell me one, with a rig included. i'm gettin a 5.0 gaastra swift (not sure what year) and a choice of 3 boards: a jp around 96l, a mistral 106(?)l or a mistral 120l. he first recommendd i get the bigger mistral so i can use it in light wind, then remembered the jp and when i asked what he reccomended he said the jp :) what do u guys think? it'll cost about 600lv ($400) and he said he'll give me the sail fo free :) i'm 55kg, intermediate/advanced (i can do all the basics apart from the waterstart, and i haven't even tried that... im here in the black sea and sometimes it's just scary (for me at least ^^)).i'm thinking the jp cos it's smaller and im 55 kilos, and i'll be able to use it in big(ger) wind. on another note, my teacher doesn't want me to use it here in winter "'cos it's too dangerous". i think that the fact that there's 20 people here (surf club) riding when it gets windy and using a life jacket and wetsuit should help as well... and btw by winter i mean 10-20'C outside ^^.comment if i should use it winter :) he's coming here in bourgas today at some point or sometime this week:D :cool:

Prodan 28th September 2010 11:05 PM

OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD I GOT MY BOARD!!! it's a 120l mistral explosion 2 (dunno what year) in carbon (hybrid) sandwich. it's a race board and my teacher says it'll handle jumps and wipeouts ^^ i also get a 2008 (?) gaastra (maybe swift) which is good :) never mind the first question, but answer the rest :cool:

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