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mr.V 29th September 2010 03:48 PM

isonic 2011 single board quiver

I am looking for some advice with regard to the new i-sonics.

Currently I am at 77kg, have reached what would be considered as advanced level and for the time being I am not looking to get seriously into racing. My sail quiver consists of NS X_Type 6.0, RAM F9 6.8, and I am currently bargaining for an F9 7.8.

I am just looking for a slalom board to practice and push myself, enter a few low level local contests, even freeride and cover long distances.
My cash is limited and as suggested in the headline I am looking for a one board solution at least for a year covering 14 to 25 knots.

I know what I am asking is too much but I am interested to know what would reasonably work and not what would be the best combination for max performance. Can it be the IS 107 or 117?

Some friends suggested that I should opt for a Futura 111, which seems reasonable but I wouldn't want to look into that direction since my aim is to build a slalom quiver over the next couple of years and then start entering some competitions.

Remi 29th September 2010 04:33 PM

Hi mr V,

If you want to go for one iSonic with this sails, the best one will be the iSonic 97 and you can have even a better wind range as you request. With 6m you can use really over 25 knots and with your 7.8 you will plane around 11 knots.

All the best

mr.V 29th September 2010 04:53 PM

Hi Remi,
In average at my home spot the wind is at 14 to 20 knots and I was under the impression that the extra volume/width of the 107 would suit me better as a one board solution... I had never thought of the IS 97 before but I will try to find someone at my spot to give it a try.
thank you very much for the fast response,

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