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Giottosas 2nd October 2010 12:56 AM

Carve 141 planing
Hi Kevin,

I have the new Carve 141. I bought it in this year, but I dont see any informations about this board in this forum.
My favorite sail is 7.0 NP V6 with SideOn mast, with 75% carbon.
My weight 87 kg, and I am 188 cm. I am not too young, I am 52.
Which is the minimal wind speed to plan? I have a sail 7.9 NP Diabolo (2004), its good too, without any problem, but not the newest.

And I have Severne 5.0 Blade and 5.9 S1 too.
I am surfing in Hungary, an the lake Balaton.I am surfing since 1982, but I learned the old scool, and a changed my style..:)


Kevin Pritchard 3rd October 2010 12:24 PM


I have sailed on your lake balaton before. It is a nice place. I think the minimum wind speed for the 141 and a 7.0 is around 12 knots.

Hope this helps.


Giottosas 3rd October 2010 09:38 PM

Hi Kevin,

thank You for Your answer.
The Balaton is very nice lake, but the wind is not the best. Main time no wind or under 5 knots (summer cca. 70%), 15% 5- 12 kn, and 15% 15-20kn with 30-35 kn. blast or higher.

See You next time in Hungary!

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