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MOP 5th October 2010 02:03 AM

Fin for kode 112 and 5,5 sail

I just bought a kode 112 and the fin wich comes with the board is 38 cm, which seems quite big for a freestyle/freemove board. Maybe its a more of a freeride board?

I am tall and 90 kg. I have a freerideboard wich I use with a ncx 8.0 and i am thinking of using my new kode with a 6.5 ncx and gator 5,5 and maybe also my 4.7.

1. Is the 38 fin ok with my 6,5?
2. What fin and size should I buy for my gator 5.5 ?
3. and for my 4.7 if this is an option to consider with this board?

Thanks for any answers!

Regards Mop

PG 5th October 2010 04:32 PM

I think you should look for something like the Select Bump and Jump in 31 or 33 cm length. It ought to loosen up your Kode considerably. Try this size first. With smaller sails you may even be able to go sub-30 cm.

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