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berg 10th October 2010 03:28 PM

isonic ???
Probably the question came by earlier from others, but,

I have a 122 isonic for my 8.4 and I am stoked aubout this combo.
Now I had a isonic 101(2007) for my 7.0 , and I sold it :mad: regrets

I bought a 94 from2009 because I think a little smaller tail would help for control when overpowered. But I see that the flat earea is about 1 meter flat from the tail . I did not sail on it because of no wind till now. But I cant sleep because I liked the short flat on the 101.

And now I see in the shop the short flat on the 94 from 2010. For my weight ( 82kg) I think this would be better.

Question is; What will be the difference in sailing between the 94(2009) and the 94(2010)
Should I again buy a 101(2010)

I like to sail the 7.0 when 8.4(TR5) will blast away

Like to hear from you


Kevin Pritchard 3rd December 2010 09:43 PM


The 101 is a great board. For a 7.0 you should be loving the 101. I am a bit heavier than you so i think i can stand on the 101 a bit longer, but I think it is right for this size sail.


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