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Unregistered 27th October 2010 10:53 PM

What is the best stance for FW upwind
I have formula gear.
I can go upwind but not as good as the other sailors. They really go in a very sharp angle and they do not loose speed. The gain speed.
so my question is:
What is the best stance for this? Should I rake back the sail and lean foward? Should I use both legs straihgt? Should I lean back with the sail? Should I push the fin using my toes?


BelSkorpio 28th October 2010 02:08 AM


I have my back leg straight with a lot of pressure on the fin, front leg a little bit bended, body leaning forward. Max outhaul on sail.

Hope this helps.

raffig 28th October 2010 06:13 PM

Mmm, I think that the correct position is completely the opposite!

Back leg slightly bent and front leg straight - this way you can leverage more power from the fin and drive the board more to windward.

Carbonsugar is a good source of information, this article describes some good sailing positions:

Unregistered 28th October 2010 08:00 PM

Hi Raffing,

So what you are saying is that one has to have the front leg straight with the back leg bent for shox absortion, and my body and the sail leans back? (obviously with the outhaul max)?

mark h 28th October 2010 10:29 PM

Bel is correct for sure. Raffig describes a downwind stance.

Straight back leg, no pressure through the front leg (only slight pressure if water is rough), lean forward at the waist (almost trying to touch the nose of the board with your chin, back hand a bit further up the boom.

With your adjustable outhaul, flatten the sail on the upwind tack (but remember to let it back out before gybing back down wind), if you have an uphaul rope, try hanging onto it with your front hand, if find I get a few more degrees of upwind angle doing this. Deck plate position depends on the course.

Unregistered 29th October 2010 03:44 AM

Upright works for me ; well almost. Almost upright that is;just leaning over a bit;not too much though. Keeping upright as long as possible;time wise as long as posible of course.Not upright and long because I`m bent over a bit.Well not bent right over;that just wouldn`t work would it.Sort of bent forward in middle but upright (sort of) and going forward with the board is definitely best.Well actually sideways and forward but upright and bent with straight legs; but bent occasionally.

The coach.

raffig 29th October 2010 03:59 AM


Originally Posted by mark h (Post 44394)
Bel is correct for sure. Raffig describes a downwind stance.

I was actually describing an upwind stance... Sean O'brien describes it perfectly in the carbonsugar link which I sent:

"The best technique involves having a straighter front leg than your back leg....The concept should be to apply more weight to your back leg and lifting your front foot to rail the board, which allows you to power the fin and still rail the board"

carlosgp5 29th October 2010 07:49 PM

As also a begginer, I would pay a bit more attention on your feet than the legs. Both Bel and Raffig are corretc, however that depends on the board that you are using, the sea state and the gusts...
However the idea with your feet is always the same (when going upwind). the front foot you will have to have your toes bent pulling the strap, with the back foot you would press your toe on the board, while kinda moving your heel to the front ,as if your toe was to be pointing to stern. By doing that you will gonna be using the leward rail of your board to get a better angle, not only the fin. Too much pressure on the fin you will have a lot of drag, instead of angle and speed. Too much pressure on the fin and you will also get easyly tired...
Thats only one opynion, please correct me if Im mistaking some here.(sorry 4 bad english)

Unregistered 30th October 2010 02:36 AM

The leewad sailing tips on are for railing the board, not regular upwind stance. unreg ask for upwind stance tips, not railing board. Railing the board is an advanced technic for super high but takes a lot of practise, fun when mastered. unreg says his mates are going quick upwind, i would guess they are not railing board. Regular upwindstance means straight back leg to power fin, light on front foot, hike out board as much as you can, and stay sheeted in. Bent back leg and straight front leg is good windward stace. Dont send this guy downwind when his mates are going upwind:)

Unregistered 1st November 2010 06:06 AM

Try a new fin

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