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Mick_G 15th November 2010 04:53 AM

Kode 80 Fin Choice

I have an 08 Kode 80 which I have been using an old 22cm G10 fin (SKater by Finz, mid 90's) and was thinking of updating to either a Drake Natural Wave G10 or MFC K1. In regards to the K1 fins, Ola suggested to get your recomendation to sizing (his thoughts probably 21.5 and 23), I was original thinking 22 and 24, but don't know how your fins ride.

I ride mainly down the line conditions in Western Australia, Mandurah, Geraldton and Gnarloo (when the chance arises). Traditional carving turns, not sliding style. 78Kg's using 5.3 to 4.5's. (Odd occasions 5.6 and 4.2)


Good Luck in Cabo Verde!!!!!!!!
Single/Quad or depended on the day?

Kevin Pritchard 3rd December 2010 09:39 PM

Sorry about the delay, as CV had very low internet speed. I have been using the K1's and running them a bit bigger than my older fins. I predominately use the 23 for my size and weight in most of my sailing. For the windier stuff I go with the 21.5 as my go to fin. I dont ever go smaller than that.

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