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RadiantX 16th November 2010 02:31 AM

Flare98 for freeride
Hi All,

How do the Flares ride in freeride conditions, compared to a Kode of similar size for example?


PrydeMan 16th November 2010 03:35 AM

This year I have switched from a Kode 94 to Flare 98 as a bump and jump, but also a freeride board when I'm not in the mood for slalom. I am very surprised at how well the Flare 98 works. It's very quick in chop and I have been able to keep up with and over take some freerace boards with the Flare 98 and a freestyle/wave sail. Also the flares work well in up and own conditions with their thick tails. The modern freestyle board is great medium wind all-round blaster. If you get one you will not be disappointed.

agrelon 16th November 2010 03:14 PM


Originally Posted by RadiantX (Post 44718)
Hi All,

How do the Flares ride in freeride conditions, compared to a Kode of similar size for example?


I haven't tried the Flare but I've tried the 2010 JP Freestyle boards. In 5.5-6.0m conditions these boards are SOOO much fun. These boards are the tightest jibing boards I have ever used. No matter how hard you commit to the rail, the board comes round. Great jibing makes for great freeride sessions. You'd be surprised that you can still make some ground upwind on a 22cm fin and 100l board..

After trying freestyle/ fsw boards I've been converted to like these boards more than just a full out speed machine. As mentioned by prydeman, the speed of these boards is not too far off what else's on the water BUT you have the plus of insane carving and popping which makes sessions so much more enjoyable.

RadiantX 17th November 2010 05:03 AM

Thanks to both of you for your replies. Still trying to decide on which direction to go, ie. FSW or Freestyle. I'm wanting to replace (minimise gear) two boards with one and hopefully still be able to cover similar conditions and the type of sailing I prefer. Which I guess is making the decision more difficult.

PrydeMan 18th November 2010 03:40 AM

If you are looking at Flare 98 for say 5 to 6m weather and you have a wave board for smaller sales. Then I would go the freestyle board. Don't get me wrong I loved my old 2009 Kode 94. It was great freestyle/wave board for medium wind jumping, but I now have a 2011 Kode 86 and I now use the Flare 98 as my bump and jump single foot strap blasting board. Having a freestyle board in you kit for days that are abit up and down allows you more time on the water and there are quick to.

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