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berg 22nd November 2010 01:47 AM


I searched forums for fins for the isonics

Can you tell me the main difference between the sl2 and sl4 fins.

I have the isonic 122 with a 8,4 and need a light wind and strongwind fin for this combo
I have the isonic 94(09) with a 7.0 and need a good fin for powered sailing

Any advice welcome, also othe tipes of fins I now sail select 35 sl7 on my isonic 94 with 7.0 but missing speed. And have a sl 9 33 cm , very fast but missing upwind on my 94.

Like to hear


Vando 27th November 2010 06:32 PM

Hi Berg I haven't used any of the SL2 or SL4 I use the C3 stings in my old Isonics 121 & 94.
I used the Sting 44 with my 121 and 8.3 the board trims very well with this combo.
The IS94 I used the Sting 34 with my 7.0 very quick combo.:)

Kevin Pritchard 3rd December 2010 09:36 PM

Hi Berg,

I would say that the top end on the SL4 is faster and if you are looking for a steady locked in feel the SL2 is what you are after. The SL 2 you can push and push on the back foot where the SL 4 you need to be lighter on the back foot and keep a eye on pushing too hard.

I have been using the SL 4 with the 122 and 94. I am quite happy with this.


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