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Dutchman 22nd November 2010 04:46 PM

Optimal sailsize Go 155
Can anyone tell me what the optimal sailsize on a Go 155 (2010) would be for me:

- Started (again) with windsurfing this year, some experience
- 95 kilo
- Average wind speed on my preferred location: 14-21 knots
- relatively flat water


Roger 22nd November 2010 07:06 PM

Hi Dutchman,
For 14-16 knots a 7.5 m2 free race sail (Sailworks Retro, Severne NCX,etc) should be good for your weight.
17-21 knots 6.0-6.5 m2 rigs should work nicely.
Be sure to get the lightest, highest carbon mast you can afford that is compatible (recommeded as
the "best mast" for what ever brand of sail you choose). One mast should cover both of these sizes.
One sail will not be enough for this range of windspeeds.
Hope this helps,

Dutchman 22nd November 2010 08:49 PM

Thanks Roger!

PG 23rd November 2010 12:33 PM

I do think that Roger is quite optimistic. With 95 kg 7.5 is a relatively "small" sail size, with good handling and thus good for learning and manouvers. But in order to get lots of planing in winds around 8 m/s I do believe that you need something bigger, like 8.5 m2.
For a two sail quiver and a big GO I would suggest 8.5 and 7.0.

nakaniko 23rd November 2010 04:58 PM

Courious to say that for me Roger was a little bit pessimistic.
I'm 90 kg (wannabe 85) and when I go windsurfing (outside Venice) after checking with the windmeter the average wind I do this way:
-11-12 ktn and more 8,0;
-15+ knots 6,5-6,3 sqm;
- 20+ knots 5,5-5,3 sqm,
- 25+ knots 4,5 sqm;
- 30-35+ ktnots: "hey Nico think about it you have cervical spinal problems so stay on the beach and admire younger and more skilled surfer, leave the 3,7 in the car". .
I use (and abuse) mainly Score 98 and Score 112, so the bigger but obviously little heavier Go could require little bigger sail, but also can handle lot more wind; and then imho I agree with the suggestions of Roger.

Roger 23rd November 2010 07:24 PM

Hi PG and Nik,
I was not "pessimistic" but rather a little conservative.
If you can only have 2 sails, the I agree with PG, for 14 knots -20 knots at 95 kilos, on flat water I think
I would want an 8.5 and a 7.0.
If you add any windspeed over 19-20 knots, for a recreational sailor, I would then suggest 8.0 and
6.5 (maybe even smaller if the sailors skills are not fully developed enough to sail comfortably in
overpowered conditions.
Add a third sail and it becomes real easy.... 8.5/7.0/5.5!

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