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Default RE: To Roger Choice of light wind board

Wow You Chicks are totally rad!!!
I'm imagining your 130lbs sailing a 10.0 retro!! Awesome; No wind snobs here!!
Truely inspirational.
I just ordered an 11.7 Nx4 that I was kind of hesitant about but now i have renewd Stoke from you Gals.

It's all about ripping without whitecaps; thats the coolest sensation.
Boat speed increases relative to windspeed as the wind gets lighter, therefore the sensation of speed is actually enhanced with only 10 knots of wind.
I guess it's a perspctive thing.
People who have never planed in less than 12 knots of wind would'nt understand.
Get a board thats wide and floaty but not to short.
The ultra short modern Formula boards have alot of rocker and may not plane as fast as an older/
longer Free formula.
I understand there are some 2006 Fanatic tt06 new in FL for cheap.
i've heard that they get overpowered in 16knots plus maybe 14knots for you're weight.
Just an idea,
warm winds and thanks for the Stoke
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