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Default Recommendation on Carve 162 or 144

I am currently riding a Go 180.
Last week I tried a Carve 162 and it was faster, much smoother and easier to plane. I am about to purchase a Carve but am not sure which would be a better fit for me, the 162 or the 144 (which I have not ridden).
I am 56, been sailing about 7 years, weigh 225, in the harness all the time, not in the straps yet and not waterstarting yet (but close). My sails are a 5.5, 7.0 and a 9.0.

During that same week I tried a Hifly Madd 136 but it was nearly impossible to uphaul in heavy chop because of the lack of float.

Can you make a recommendation on the Carve 162 or the 144?
(I plan to keep the Go 180.)
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