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Default RE: Kashy Formula Fins XXS

Isn't Mike already making fins? Thought I saw that on the calcup list somewhere.

As for all the yelling about fins - custom formula fins tend to be the one piece of windsurfing equipment that actually holds its value pretty well. You can run a Deb for a couple season, then sell it at about 75% of what you paid for it (as long as you didn't go off the deep end and buy one of the models that turn out to be dogs - R14 or R12 or R18, anyone?) Try getting that kind of resale value out of your board, or your sail, or your mast (booms tend to do OK, but then you don't really sell those too often unless you downsize your quiver). And fins also tend to be competitive for a while - R13's were the standard for something like 3 season. R16's and R17's have been highly competitive for 3 seasons now, and still rule unless you've got a super-wide-tailed board (like F161) and sail in really light wind/flat water.

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