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Default For Remi & Severne specialists: Which mast = ideal for CR 4.6 and 5.6


Planning on buying a 4.6 and 5.6 CR, but troubled with the mast. Site of Severne says the 370 BlueLine would be best for the 4.6 and a 400 BlueLine would be best for 5.6. Now Severne's no longer making a 370 SDM BlueLine, I don't know what I should stick in these sails RDM in the 4.6? Is no cam-conversion needed then??? Don't know what to do!!!

Please help me out, I don't mind spending some extra money but I want the best mast for these sails, maybe a 400 BlueLine in both of these sails? Would be the only way to put a SDM in the 4.6

I hope you can help,

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