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Default why not ask the pros?

I have a couple of what look like scratches on my wetsuit from some bad catipults. It has sliced the rubber almost all the way through. Is there any way to combat the tear? I can just imagine every time i get in and out, the tears will, well tear more!

Also, I have an older 6.6 and have been going out in pretty overpowering conditions. I can't seem to downhaul or outhaul it anymore without damaging the sail, but im still way overpowered. Today was around 21 knots, and since I don't have a 5.8, I was hanging on for dear life with my Go 139 bouncing around like crazy over the chop and me struggling to learn how to really cruise (ie get into BOTH straps and into the harness blasting). Do you have any tips for sailing in stuff like that? I can understand if it was a constant wind, but its very gusty (going from 18-25 knots easily). I hate getting catipulted and would really like it to stop. It cuts my wetsuit, cuts my skin etc....

Thanks for the help, and anyone can answer,

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