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Default getting the mast extension shim out of the mast

I have an older mast extension which has a little plastic shim to make it the perfect roundness of the mast diameter. AFter washing the mast out for sand, I put the extention in with the shim and when I went to take it out... it got stuck! The actual extension came out fine, but the shim didn't. It is not stuck perfectly in the mast. It fits the mast perfectly and won't come out. It basically makes the mast a mm smaller in radius. The shim is one mm thick. Now I can only use that mast extension with the 460 its stuck in. why do all these problems happen at once? It seems I have a new question every day!

I tried getting the little end that is stuck out with plier and trying to turn it but no luck. It is in there good!

tks for anyones help,

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