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Default Mast track position vs sail size

I am the proud new owner of a starbord S Type 115, coming from a bigger board (F2 Xantos 295 - 127 ltr).

I am an intermediate sailor, and after 8 times on the water in conditions from 16 to 25 knots in flat water, using sails 7.4, 6.2 and 5.0 I have not yet found the sweet spot, and I am fighting alot with my gear, getting catapulted, etc. :@ and I am not being able to get the board to plane as quickly as I did on the previous one.

I am sure it's a rigging problem, but cannot figure out what, although I suspect the position of the universal on the mast track. The expert sailor at the store where I bought it isnists that for any sail size, to ALLWAYS position the universal at the middle of the track. I however, have gotten used to the markings on the Xantos' mast track where for bigger sails I placed the mast base forward, and for smaller sails backward (for the 7.4 sail all the way forward, the 6.2 just forward of the middle position, and for the 5.0 slightly forward of the rear position).

Who is right? What are the nautical physics principles here?


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