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Default RE: Bull S***

Why should y'all care what I sail?

I enjoy my big sails; if you guys & Svein don't like it that's your problem. The up/down angle of the big one's is just better--and that's what make FW exciting. Again, if you can't pull it out of the water, that's not my problem.

I don't run around posting that a 3.3 is a wuss sail and should be banned, so if I enjoy holding down an 11.6 in conditions that most are on 4.8s that should likewise not be a problem for you.

Frankly, I think there's a big push on to leave 'lightwind' to the f'ing kiters, or to the horrible boredom of lightwind slalom (to sell all new stuff, like the huge and stupid isonic 155).

The problem with FW, is the same problem with real (highwind) slalom: it's not the sails, it's the arms-race, stupid! It costs to damn much for most people.

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