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Default Raceboard Class - Still using longboards?

(Ok, first of all, the left side of my screen right now says "Sticky Thread" and "You are not authorised to view this Forum". What's up with that? I'm a registered member and I'm logged in and everything.)

Anyway, I just wanted to post this interesting link and comment on how it looks like in the raceboard class, people are still choosing longboards, although some are actually using them with the RSX sails!

The longboards they are using are old, narrow-tailed designs, maybe because nobody has updated racing longboards since the early planing revolution (unless you count the Kona). Could racing longboards improve their planing performance without compromising their glide by incorporating features like a stepped tail and increased width at the rear footstraps? Can you cross an Equipe with a Kona? I'll bet someone is working on it.
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