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Default RE: How do I get my Isonic 125 faster..

MF forwards, backwards, sideways...
B up, down, tie a ribbon in it...

the above is only comparable if
- sailor weight and size are identical
- setup & stance is optimal & identical (e.g. harness line lentgh, position, sail make, model, year, mast etc. etc. etc.) (which it will almost always be not)

board flat (slightly leeward), ride high, lean back, balance your weight backwards against your sail with your feet pushing forwards, try keeping your sail as far forwards as possible, keep the feet light ON the board (not the same as against the board).

MF & Boom just trim your weight against your setup and riding style which probably will be the actual problem.

When surfing just take a peek at how your board is lying in the water.

Its usually a combination of problems (line length, line position, stance...).
e.g. wind picks up a bit,
- do you adjust your harness line positions?
- do you feel that equal balance in the lines somehow isn't all that cool?
move'm back, don't trim your harness for shlogging or light wind but for more THROTTLE, longer line can help quite a bit too (e.g. 30)

of course a cool fin will make a big difference but you can make one too.

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