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Default Pros and cons of smaller sails on Formula

Hi all..
I just got myself a formula board. It's a 159 in nice condition.
A few days ago I rode a 159 with a 8.5 freerace sail and had a great blast, even in light winds (I'm 97 kgs and quite experienced on smaller gear)..
8.5 is said to be a very small sail for this board at my size (but I still had a lot of fun).
Sooo, what are the gains of getting a bigger sail when we talk about early planing, pointing etc. for recretional use.
Some say that the pure +10 m2 race sails don't really plane much earlier than smaller freerace sails but pointing and downwind is a lot better.
Will I really get a lot more fun from a +10 sail if I don't intend to go racing.
Pointing on my 159 with the 8.5 is seriousely better than on my smaller boards already. Fun factor is high and $$$ very low.

Any comments are very appreciated.
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