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Default RE: Stop Formula XXL Sails!

There's a FW class with its own set of rules - those are voted on by class members through a representative system at the AGM. So far, the class has resisted calls to limit sail sizes. You can speculate about why, but when I read this thread, I find that most posters who have strong opinions about the matter are not racing FW.

As an active FW racer, I find it ironic that others outside the class seem to have such an interest in the racing rules. It's for those inside the class to decide what game they want to play; considerations of making that game rewarding, as well as attracting others to it, will play into that decision process. But it's for those who are actually part of the class to make that decision. Input from others (such as Svein) will surely weigh in for many in the class, but again - the purpose of the class is to provide rewarding racing, not to benefit others outside in some way.

If the class goes wrong and makes itself so esoteric that participation dwindles, it's a sign that something went wrong. If the class waters down the racing and makes is so unrewarding that numbers dwindle, ... - you get the picture.

Time will tell - I just find it amusing that all these non-racers are ratcheting up the volume on this.

One more thing - someone made a comment earlier that surely the purpose of race gear development should be to create a trickle-down effect for recreational users. I call BS on that - the purpose of racing is competition. The purpose of developing gear for competition is to raise the level of performance. Classes make their own decisions on weighing cost and accessibility vs. performance.

FW is a great class for people like me who love to race, and love high-performance sailing. Light wind slalom bores me to death (note that I love slalom the way it's meant to be - high-wind). If I'm competing in 12 knots of breeze, I'd rather course race on Formula gear, as that's plenty exciting, plus tactical - it's simply a more interesting game to play than light air slalom for me. That's me - and that's my decision. Lots of people make those decisions, and as a result, you'll have participants enter one thing or another.

Getting hundreds of people on the line is cool. You can do that with 'everyman's' figure 8 courses. Or with Laser races. FW is NOT that - it's about all-out performance in a wide range of conditions, along with real tactics. Different game, and probably a different group of people playing it.

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