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Default RE: Stop Formula XXL Sails!


not a racer as I said, not interested in FW racing and probably never will be; I am just talking about logic. And logic is not given for racers only.
You touched the point: FW is for FW insiders. You make your rules and are happy with them, others may join, or may not. I guess that what Svein Rasmussen was saying is that huge sails size limit could be keeping some people out of FW, that some might quit because of it and that someone else may be unhappy with it. Maybe a slightly smaller size limit would result in more appeal to FW with little enough performance loss. Maybe. And, by sure this time, more appeal to a racing class would lead to more people windsurfing, which is Svein's main concern. It seems logical to me, just that.

As for race gear development resulting on trickling down of some innovations to non racing gear, that is not the intended purpose of racing, but it is a matter of fact anyhow.
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