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Default some questions on isonic 115 & soinc 85

Hello Kevin,

I own an isonic 115 (for rs6 8,4 & 7,2) and a sonic 85 (for rs6 6,2).

Could you please tell me -for my weight (75kg) and height (1.74m)- where I should ideallly place my mastfoot and footstraps, and what fins (brand/sizes) would be perfect for the different sail sizes.

I find the isonic very sticking to the water with the rs6's (even when fully downhauled) compared to the rs5's. Also I have the impression that the standard fins (both for isonic and sonic) tend to have too much friction when sailing at higher speeds...

I was also wondering if you sail with your boom lower (with smaller harness lines) or higher (with longer ones)?

Many thanks in advance!
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