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Default RE: Pros and cons of smaller sails on Formula

Thanks a lot..
Today I went sailing on my 159/8.5 set up. A good day because there were a lot of formula sailors practicing on our local spot. All on +10 sails of course.
It was the first run on my own 159. I trimmed it with the mast track quite back. Straps all out and back. The set up worked seriousely well. It flew in less than 7 m/s (didn't measure but I know the place quite well). Quite surprising, but my 8.5 is made for early planing.
As the wind came up I could compare to the "real" formula guys (who practise a lot - I have less than 4 hours of experience with formula;-)
Actually in 8 m/s I could keep up with them on speed quite easy when not pointing. Pointing was something like 15 degrees in favour to them though(quite a lot as I'm still pointing way better than my freeride gear).
They were better at planing through the lulls (and I'm still seriousely outplaning my freeride gear).
Soo... I had a lot of fun.. A lot, but I won't catch the bigger rigs with my "small" gear. Anyway I must say that claiming that Formula boards will only work with huge rigs is not true. You can freerace them with a "normal" sized sail but for sure you won't win a race.
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