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Default RE: Pros and cons of smaller sails on Formula

Sometimes I think that all this TOW thing is a bit confusing, and especially as it relates to formula style gear. One needs to ask themselves much about their launching conditions, because surf launches with rock bottoms can effectively eliminate the viability of large 70cm fins. Also, high tide exits on big formula gear can be totally out of the question. As a simple mistake would cost a fortune, and you could easily place yourself in terrible physical risk at the same time.

And, let's not forget, the existence of weeds changes everything, because that vertical fin will cause no end to problems. More of the hipe of formula equipment being some kind of cure also should also include the concessions one must face when using greatly raked fins.

I'm not against the formula concept, but I often feel that folks receive an unrealistic view about how workable the gear truly is.
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