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Default RE: Pros and cons of smaller sails on Formula

Hi SteveC (and thanks Jean-Marc)
Until a week ago my thoughts were the same as yours considering formula gear. Six years ago I had a Formula 155 with a 10.6 race sail. Unless in it's ideal conditions it was boring, hard to the feet and only able to point. Since then I didn't see the point in spending $$$ on this kind of hype. Anyway the three latest sessions I had were all of the kind that would have left me schlogging, planing 45% of the time, drifting downwind etc. on my smaller gear. With the formula and my childish sized 8.5 sail I had 90% planing time and could cover a very great area of my local spot (upwind, downwind go anywhere) and I had FUN...
The new 227 cm long boards feel small and handy and very speedy (after my now 8 hours of experience;-).
My local spot is perfect becauce I can launch 5 metres from the coast. No fin problem. We have weed and it does catch some, but I'm surprised how little it affects the performance of the board (my Aero/S-type won't work with just a little weed caught on the fin).
What scares me a little is not the size of a +10 rig but the price. A new +10 sail (the sail only) will cost more than my complete 8.5 rig including sail, mast, boom and base....
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