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Default RE: getting the mast extension shim out of the mast

sorry about the delayed response... had a lot of homework lately.

The mast shim is made out of plastic... it is or has not been split down the side. I will if I get it out, do that to it.

The extension did not have a cap or keeper in it. The mast shim thing can be taken off and on easily.

are you saying get an old screwdriver and kinda bend it into a hook? shove that down the mst, get the flat head of the screwdriver between the shim and the mast, and yank hard? Will this score the inside of the mast? will it loose strength and break if I scratch it on the inside at the very bottom? because I could always get a flat head screwdriver and pry it between the shim and mast from the bottom and hammer away untill the shim breaks...

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