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Default RE: Epi Pen and Electronic Keys

just to keep everyone up to date, I did manage to get a small watertight bag that fits the key nicly. I am going to wrap the key in a zip lock bag for added protection against the maybe minimal water that might leek through the watertight bag. The nice thing is, it does fit inside the harness, on the side, quite nicly. I do not have a key pocket on my harness so I had to improvise.

I will try to get a picture of everything so other people, if they have this problem too, can solve it. Everything ended up costing me $10.50 CND (cause the more money you spend, the better quality the bag).

My epipen just stays in the car so its all good too and I made sure everyone knows my allergies and symptoms to look for etc

Thanks for the help everyone,
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