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Default RE: S-Type 93 or 104?

Thanks everyone. I've decided to get the ST93 - I think this will be the best board for blasting around and to get my gybes etc back up to speed. Later will get a larger volume iS122 or similiar and larger sails (lightning 7.8 & 9.4) to blow the cobwebs away and tackle the Ledge to Lancelin etc.

Phill104 - Tushingham aren't as popular here in West Aust as I would have expected - I like these sails as they seem really well constructed (from a couple I have had in the past), are getting great write-ups for their ease of use and range, are not expensive and don't seem to be driven by as much marketing hype as a lot of the previously sails I have had (NP etc). I'm not trying to gain weight but getting back into working out (after being slack the last year whilst working away) - I seriously got into weights when i quit windsurfing as it was one of the few things I could easily find time for at home - hence I should get back to ~84kg's - which shouldn't hurt for racing.

Again thanks everyone for the advice.


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