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Default RE: technora or wood

I have a wood F-Type 148 and a DRAM (not technora but similar) iSonic 105. I am on my 2nd year with both boards. Neither have any major damage.

I've tested a wood iSonic 101 and found it to be significantly more responsive in chop than my DRAM iS105. I liked the feeling, so for a performance view, I think the wood is better. If you are a weekend warrior, you shouldn't care that much about this though, in my opinion.

From a durability standpoint, I haven't caused any major damage in my F-Type yet. I have a few minor dings, but I repaired them with GOOP (clear, rubbery material) for the surface. The bottom dings have been repaired with Ding Stick. And, yes, you can dent the top of the board quite easily if you aren't careful.

From a weight standpoint, I think wood is the way to go. For the bigger boards, I think this is more important solely because, to me, a bigger board serves one purpose ... to get me on a plane as early as possible. People tell me I have an uncanny ability to get my F-Type onto a plane before anyone else even thinks about planing. I'm 145 pounds, which helps. I use a 70cm R14S and a 9.8m2 sail. Sailing buddies that watch me pump onto a plane tell me that I'm planing in 7.5-8 knots (9-10 mph). I have no internal method for measuring windspeed, so I take their word for it.

This is a long answer, sorry. If you want to plane as early as possible, go for the weight savings and risk having a less durable board. If not, pay attention to the prior post.
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