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Default RE: S-Type : 104 vs 93

Hi all,

Following the advise from this topic, I finally go for a S-Type 93 (06 model).
I sailled it about 10 times now in sereral conditions ranging from flat lake to choppy sea water.

So far, I am very happy with this board, the ride is crisp and nervous but still confortable. I sail it with 6,6, 5,4 and 4,7 no cam freeride sails (I am 67kg)

The speed potential seems huge and I reach a promising 29,7kts max speed.
Jibing is fine and very quick if you go firmly in the curve. Not as easy and "autopilot" as my previous Carve.

From my point of view, the only weak point is the 28cm stock fin that I was not very happy with.
I change it for a 32cm and 26cm and got much better range with all my sails.

A great board for the freeriders that love hi speed cruising !

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