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Default RE: Kevin For President!!!

Sorry for the lack of baseline info. I mostly freeride but with speed (hence my love of the st 115). The ST 115 start in 13-15 knots for me, before it slogs around and is not that comfy when not planing. So I am looking for a solid freeride that will get me back in subplaning conditions to cover those too frequent 8-15 knots days. If you think that a board could cover that range but overlap too much with the 115, I am willing to seel it and change it to something else. I would like to stick to 2 boars and 4 sails like the slalom 42. I may enter occasional races and the ST 115 served me weel for those in the last few years. I you were going to freeride/race and Had to choose 2 boards and 4 sails to cover 8 to 25-30 knots, what would you go for?

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